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It was in the spring when Channing Tatum did something magnificent.

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On April 21st,he brought Magic Mike Live! Tatum is the creator and co-director of Magic Mike Live! Like the movies, Magic Mike Live!

On November 28th,Magic Mike Live! What inspired Tatum to start this steamy production in the first place? What about the ordinary male strip clubs sprinkled across bustling metropolises like L. Are they expanding as well?

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More importantly, are these clubs trying to subvert centuries of the heterosexual male gaze by creating physical spaces exclusively for the female one? So, I Googled male strip clubs in N. The search engine free legit hookup site a result of exactly six clubs in the city. I checked my watch.

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It was p. By the time my friend and I would roll into the city from Brooklyn, all the male strip clubs in N. I stubbornly refreshed the search dating sex apps.

Ultimately, my friend and I ditched the effort and instead headed to a boring rooftop where we overpaid for vodka sodas. Why do straight men have entry to a sexual fantasy in the flesh at almost every hour, dating site elite women hardly have any? Wisman explained that people who manage male strip shows may not be the same people who best dating sites for over 55 the club where the show takes place. Often, strip show managers and nightclub owners collaborate on male stripper shows in order to draw a greater profit.

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First, the managers organize a booze-fueled, flirty two-hour male stripper production to attract a crowd of straight women. Once the show is over, the space where the strippers danced reverts to a regular nightclub, where both guys and girls are invited free sex dating websites party.

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The men, flocking to the club after the show, are prone to buy drinks for aruba strip club women, thereby making several thousand dollars in gross bar revenue for the club. In this partnership, managers of the male stripper shows also benefit. But then there are the true male strip clubs. They make it their literal business to focus on just male entertainment. So why is this club closed at 11 p.

Peri told me that women tend to not be as spontaneous as men when choosing to attend a stripper show. To prove his point, Peri said that he already sold out a bunch of tickets for Hunk-O-Mania shows for free dating sites in nz in spring But even if women are planners, as Peri claims, what if the need for a lap dance hits us on a random Wednesday night?

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Peri said that, while the club does get regular guests who are there to see certain men and be turned on, the percentage of women who fall into that group is dating sites for white people only small.

In sum, not all women perceive a man albeit a very hot one stripping as sexually arousing.

Scientific research has confirmed this as well. Women are less likely to grow aroused by a visual stimulant than men are.

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Men also project themselves into the scenario, but may be more likely to objectify the actors. Wisman, for example, has his dancers act out the roles of fictional yet attentive men, like Christian Grey from Australia best online dating site Shades.

They need more than just flesh. It seems like these male strip clubs know what makes for a good time. At the end of the day, both Wisman and Peri need to consider the basics of supply and demand when deciding whether their clubs should be open past a certain hour.

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If most women turn to shows for just the occasional bachelorette bash and weekend party, then why would the clubs be open around the clock? Money, after all, is what makes the stripper poles go round. But I still believe that women should be able to party at a male strip club until dawn on a Saturday night if they so choose. And yes, I know. Seeking to extend the hours in which a club is open is in no way as worthy as protesting sexual assault or demanding reproductive justice free to message dating sites fresno the edge of Capitol Hill.

An accessible male strip club is not the manifesto that I instantly subscribed to after having read Betty Friedan.

It was impossible to find a male strip club open on my friend's birthday, so i decided to find out why

A girl can dream. Illustration of male strippers. Home Chevron Right Entertainment Chevron Right It was impossible to find a male strip club open on my friend's birthday, so I decided to find out why.

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While planning my friend's 30th birthday party, I discovered that all of the male strip clubs in N. I decided to investigate. I glanced at the hours of operation, and all of the male strip clubs closed at 11 p. All rights reserved.

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Close this dialog window View image. It was impossible to find a male strip club open on my friend's birthday, so I decided to find out why.

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