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Name: Dorthy
Age: 48

I visited J. They open at sex clubs ct I arrived about on a Tuesday. There were only two cars in the parking lot, which is about what I expected.

I walked into the front vestibule and rang the bell to get buzzed in. Initially, it was only the gal tending bar and a dancer who had just arrived, and crush or flush dating app was still in her street clothes. After a few minutes, another girl and two other customers showed up, but I had to wait until before there was any dancing going on.

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The two dancers were not bad looking — kind of small-busted, so if you like 'em big, you would have been disappointed, but I was not complaining. The good part was that on stage they're totally nude by the third song; the songs are nice an long and the views from the tip rail are nothing short of spectacular.

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I was traveling through West Virginia and stopped in Huntington for the evening. The club is reasonably decent inside and out.

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It's not Vegas, strip club in dublin the prices are are not Vegas either. It's less expensive here for a private dance than anyplace else that I've been. The dancers In fact, they're the definition of average looking. However, they donly know how to give a good private dance. It was a nice two way contact. The songs are cut short, though.

At most, paradise gentlemen club songs are three minutes, although I suspect that some were even shorter. The VIP was reasonably private, although a bouncer did wander through to monitor things back there. The place was not busy for a Friday. I was in here right after dinner The dancers said that it normally picks up before midnight until it closes.

Drinks here are the most reasonable that I've seen for a SC. It was only a few dollars for a beer, people playing strip poker the bartender worked pretty quick to serve. Beware being pressured to buy the dancers a special drink. These drinks are just as expensive as a private dance.

I made t I booked a hotel in Huntington that looked close to the club, it turned out to be within walking distance to JB's and another club.

Had to pay a cover through the slot which is common in W. VA ,the doorman dating site england the bartender were great super friendlythe dancers were for the most part, not great, there was one girl that was very hot, I eventually talked to her and she was very cool, she told me she had done some porn in the strip club baltimore md and where to find it online.

The next morning I booked the room for that night on my way back from VA, I thought I would give it another try, the night before was a good time even without any extra activity which I was pretty sure was available.

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I went back in Saturday night and received a warm welcome from the bartender and doorman, a few of the dancers we met th I've been to JB's a few times over the years, and have almost always been very well taken gentlemen's clubs in las vegas nevada of in the VIP - tonight was no exception.

I walked in, grabbed a drink and sat down at the stage to get a close-up of all the good stuff.

There were only 6 dancers working, one pretty lady love strip club with a nice rack, but pretty thick, which is not my thing. One brunette was absolutely hilarious to talk to and gave a good show on the stage, but was also a bit thick for my tastes.

Then, there was a true red-head, with a very pretty figure who laid down on the stage right in front of me and let me know that fun was still available upstairs, and she was my girl. There were also 3 other brunettes - one tall and slender, and two very petite spinner types, both were very sexy. She did not disappoint, huntington strip clubs BBBJ, and then hopped on for a ride. I china women dating website review very satisfied. Back downstairs, grabbed another drink and hit the stage area again.

My red head let me know that her friend, one of the brunette spinners, was also up for fun upstairs if I was interested.

For anyone looking for extras, you really can't beat this club or the setup. There are two couches upstairs which are behind cu Not what I expected should be tattooed on the back of my eyelids. I arrived in Huntington very late and just wanted to reach my hotel for some badly needed sleep.

Of course, I had to drive by JB's and the little head whispered just for 20 nevada sex club, so I u turned and parked in the lot. Something was going on in the parking lot but I couldn't figure it out.

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About guys close together and another 4 or 5 standing back just watching. It didn't look like a fight brewing and definitely not a drug deal but I still haven't figured that one out. They broke up and some left, some went inside and some sat on cars and talked. We hooked arms and found a table, chatted a bit and then free dating social sites drink hustle. So once that's over I ask about the club because the parking lot is more than half full but not that many inside.

She explains a lot of dancers wait backstage until best chat site for girls set is over and then they circulate.

More idle chatter for about a minute and then VIP comes up. Blondie goes all the way around to celebrity sex websites other side and as we go in she explains that as long as bouncers can see her above the cubicle then they go away.

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She opens up Off The Shoulder Gentlemens Club. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. West Virginia Huntington J. Club type: Nude Dancers.

Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Related Clubs.

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