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Name: Marley
Age: 27
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Meeting a man for a date at the cinema, Danielle 23 was nervous. There are good guys out there!

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It was a mild loss at first but then at show me dating sites it became moderate and she was given hearing aids to wear. At 16 years old, things changed again as her hearing went completely in one ear and never came back.

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I hated being deaf but now I see it as a blessing. It was overwhelming but so good.

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They opened my eyes to ing and now I know some language in American, Russian; all sorts of languages! When I first ed, I had beige hearing aids but the whole swimming team had amazing coloured ears.

Danielle’s deaf dating experiences

I went home and asked my audiologist for some in bright blue and sparkles! Why not flaunt it?

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It spurred me on to break a world record in swimming, well two actually! Since leaving university, Danielle has become a personal trainer. She loves her job but socialising with list of free australian dating sites friends can be difficult. If we go for family dinners, I always choose my seat first.

Because of this, Danielle initially worried about dating.

Finding love is even harder for deaf singles. at, we hear you.

Unfortunately he turned out not to be the one. When we mexico dating site on our first date he asked my friend the best quiet restaurant to take me to, asked me all about my deafness and even visited me before the date so we could chat in a quiet environment. Sometimes they ask a million questions and then disappear. Am I going to hear what the waiter says?

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And unfortunately for Danielle, she had one really bad girl strips for friend. But then lots of people without disabilities also replied and told me that guy was awful, I got so many date offers!

Out of thepeople who responded, there was only one negative response. At the end of the day if that person is for you then nothing will matter.

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Wear your hair up. There are eight billion people out there.

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Discover information and confused dating website in our resource hub and receive the latest updates via and Families magazine. Access one-to-one support and tailored services which help reduce barriers for deaf children.

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Share Facebook Twitter linkedin. Photo: Danielle in her bedroom on her phone. Related links Services for deaf children and young people 8—18 Deaf Works Everywhere Deaf-friendly info for teens and young people Emotional health free membership hookup sites wellbeing.

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