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I personally couldnt pick a funniest since every second of this movie made me laugh out loud.

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But i've made a list of scenes in no particualr order. I can't believe nobody mentioned THIS scene: Right after the opening credits, his brother the REAL Ninja dude is going through an initiation rite where he has to lift a scalding cauldron with his forearms while branding his arms with the Dojo inia sexy women sites the process.

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Now it's Haru's Chris Farley turn. Haru salsa dating site up to the cauldron, does some fancy magician style hand flourishes and then matter-of-factly chirps "DOOT! The way he says "DOOT!

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I had to re-wind and play this scene 5 more times because it made me laugh so hard. The scene newcastle dating sites he breaks the burial urns is indeed hilarious.

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I love when he gets the ashes of two of the ninjas mixed together and says "Good thing they worked as a team. I agree, the whole movie is hilarious, so it's hard reigate gentlemen club pick a favorite. I always crack up at the "plane of enlightenment" scenes, when Haru always goes flying through the air and whizzing past Sensei and everyone else because he is so terrible at meditation I always laugh at the scene in which Haru is sneaking around Tanley's mansion and inadvertently fireman seeking shelter from the sex club the dog and hoists him in the air, then later drops the dog and it lets out a pathetic little yelp.

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I love animals, so please people don't flame me for thinking this is funny. The look on Haru's face when he realizes what he did to the dog was classic LMAO every time.

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I also get a kick out of the bit where Haru is again sneaking around and goes through the curtains and is face-to-face with the stripper onstage I am one with the start my own dating site Will sasso doing his tongue laugh as Chet Walters Coming Soon The funniest scene to me is at the end when Gobei is flying in the air about to land in the ocean.

It makes me laugh hysterically. This place is cursed, damned, and yes your master is the devil!

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The strip club scene where he decides to in, does the worst pole dance in history and falls off the stage onto a table full of dudes. Hilarious, I nearly hurt myself from laughing first time I saw that scene. The dojo practising scene is amazing best mobile sex website, especially when he's dressed full Ninja and attacks and destroys the mirror.

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