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Name: Steffane
What is my age: 31

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ed Jan 22, After many people have quoted this book to handle my problems I finally got a copy and am starting to jump in and try to work any of my own issues. Sex clubs toronto been a long journey and I think this is last saving grace to make things better in my life. I'll be starting les dating sites go through the activities and digging into to make some changes in my life, so Dating sites for italian american am hoping to start this thread as kind of a support method for me or anyone that is trying to deal with similar issues involved with the book.

I am going to try to look into some local men's groups also, but not sure if I'll be able to afford it at this time. So hopefully this can fulfill a little of this process. Just wanted to open of the forum.

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Anybody have experience sharing the book or the process with their ificant other? How did they handle it? How did you work together in the process? The book takes a very male centric approach and I am not sure how my wife would react to me starting to read and follow through with the steps so I the best online dating site in canada hoping to get some good feedback on it. I'll try to keep abreast on this as much as possible and discuss the steps I have gone through and hope to open up with others this journey.

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Thanks for cricket strip club pgh. ed Aug 6, Don't even tell her about it. Share it later after she notices the new you - and likes it.

Given the dynamic currently in your home, if you tell her about it now, it will cause many more problems than it solves. Never pay again for live sex! Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! Chat for free! ed Dec 16, The beauty of doing the work is that the work is on YOU. It is not on you and your wife. Like Conrad said, your wife will notice and react positively - or maybe she won't.

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But either way, you'll be better off. ed Jun dating site free browse, I just started reading this book on Monday and in international dating sites in india days it has absolutely changed my life for the better.

I have chosen not to tell my wife about it yet As Conrad suggested, I am waiting for her to comment on the new "me" before I say anything. She's already noticed the changes and I can see her mentally scratching her head but so far I haven't really gotten any negative feedback, only london dating site. I look forward to reading and contributing to this thread as I don't have time for a real support group either.

ed Feb 5, The author has a website and you can find a local support group.

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I've found this helpful to meet with dateing website as well. Link is below No More Mr. ed Sep 10, ed Oct 31, Pretty universally this is the opinion of the men over on the support site.

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The author missed the mark on this one area, strip club fairbanks least from the experiences of many men. First off, sharing with your wife smacks of looking for her approval.

No more mr. nice guy: the support thread

Kind of like a kid running to mom to show her his latest art creation. Let your actions speak for you.

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Secondly, many Nice Guys marry dysfunctional women. Many men have found show dating sites their wives actively undermine their progress when they know of the book.

No more mr. nice guy challenge: becoming a stronger man. (dudes only)

Some women fear a loss of control or who fear the man is simply going to replace her with another woman, and so they use the book against the man. This is the play book, and if you hand it to her she now knows the buttons to push. Thirdly, your wife is by definition not one of your safe male advisors.

Doc Glover is free hot dating sites that we should not engage in hiding our real selves. I think that privacy in one's therapy local teen dating sites is acceptable, and I think that the book qualifies as therapy in that regard.

I wouldn't hide the book locked in the safe in the basement, but I also would pawtucket rhode island mature sex forums sit down and explain the book to her. ed May 20, ed Jun 6, Like others have said I don't think it is important or necessary to share this with your W, but I think the point is to not hide it either.

You are doing this for you, not her.


I think our tendency is unless we deliberately want to share something we tend to hide it and keep it secret - this is an exhausting way to live and part of the reason we don't have the energy we would like to expend on real relationships. ed May 9, That book changed hookup free app life years ago.

I would not lie if she asked me about it, but I won't volunteer it. It's my safe place, and I want dating sites in south africa johannesburg let it all hang out over there, without wondering if she's reading my words. The downside is that with my radical sacking-up changes, it's caused her a lot of anxiety.

I've explained to her that I simply took a look at myself, didn't like what I saw, and did a lot of work to become the man I want to be. She can't understand that. JoeRockStar said:. This is what I hinted at with my wife today. I was talking to her about how I made plans with a friend to go riding qu and also to go to a friend's party this upcoming weekend for an acoustic jam.

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Her reaction was "You're on fire, what's gotten into you? I simply told her that I needed to make some changes in my life so that I'm a happier person. I told her that she was welcome to me for any of these activities, I wasn't doing them to get charlottesville strip clubs from her, I was doing them simply because I WANT to.

This is a big departure from the norm of me asking her what SHE wants to do all the time. She seems to "get" it. free dating sites ireland Jun 2, Maybe this is my 'judging a book by its cover'. Most of the posts I saw were along the lines of.

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Confidence is paramount, but arrogance is pathetic. Conrad said:. And you are female, correct? Because it is needed - these are guys that have ALWAYS been about meeting a woman's needs only, and felt shame for considering their own, masculine needs. The chauvinism is an exercise in breaking out of their lifelong pattern - and that site is a sort of safe place for them to exercise it, when they go out into the world those nice guys will not suddenly be the ass holes of the world, but they will be love at first sight app little more like the ass holes in the way they are starting to reclaim their confidence and also become more attractive to women who see the adult sex clubs massachusetts those guys want to see, the real them not the pretend facade they have always worn.

ed May 18, Well, I started to dig into the first couple chapters. Interesting stuff for sure. I am thinking about the activity to think by to my childhood and though I have recognized in my later years the type of smothering my family has given, it's difficult to link these instances to childhood moments. I have always had the sense that I had an ideal family.

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Both my parents have gone onto 35 years of blissful marriage. They both worked very hard to get where they were. They provided everything for me and tried very hard to give me a very happy and fulfilling life. I guess maybe I can say didn't get to be as close to my father growing up.

Site for girl worked and then he also went to night school so he could get his Bachelor's degree. Since my mother worked also, I was always in after school day care, or stayed at my grandparents house for the day. But I know they were doing this to give us all a better life.

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