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Bee Hotel
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build a bee house woodlogger to started on building the bee house i cut 4 2 x 6 pine boards to a length of 8″ next i cut the roof to a length of 7″ this allows for an overhang of a 1 2″ on both sides solitary bees buzzaboutbees many species can easily be mistaken for wasps hover flies or even honey bees where do solitary bees live unlike honey bees where nest building and maintaining as well as rearing of young is a task shared by the whole colony this is not the case with most species of solitary bee the leafcutter bee buzzaboutbees the leafcutter bee belongs to the megachile family of bees and is another useful friend to gardeners as it provides a valuable and efficient pollination service for plants leafcutter bee genial efficient tireless the honeybee get to know the leafcutter bee the leafcutter bee shows us how good a bee can be a genial efficient tireless pollinator the alfalfa leafcutter bee became a hero in the first half of the 20th century when they saved the declining alfalfa seed industry nj bee & wasp control allison pest control bees wasps hornets ground bees these are just a few of the stinging insects found in new jersey find out more about stinging insects found in nj with allison pest controls insect guide in our nj stinging insect guide we provide photo identification habitat information and other tips to aid in identify your stinging insect pest with protect your bees from autumn wasps honey bee suite bill i see your point but there are thousands of species of solitary wasps to take care of flies and the like and the solitary wasps won’t overrun the bee hives let mining bees be honey bee suite most are harmless to humans nearly all the females have stingers but the stingers are often too small to penetrate human skin yes some do sting but the stings especially in lawn dwelling species are light—nothing like a wasp or honey bee .

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