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Stupid eastern blue bird house hole size question here
Stupid eastern blue bird house hole size question here source molotilo.com

standards for purple martin housing standards for purple martin housing the importance of preventing other bird species from nesting in martin housing non native house sparrows and european starlings are controlled through nest removal trapping shooting and use of starling resistant entrances native species such as bluebirds tree swallows wrens and flycatchers are all federally protected and should be ac modated choosing purple martin housing choosing purple martin housing there are many options when choosing purple martin housing from houses to gourds round or starling resistant entrances to the number of partments the most important characteristic of any martin housing is accessibility easy purple martin house tips the spruce if using gourd purple martin houses the interior height should be 8 inches to ac modate the unusual shape and upper tapering of the house porches porches are not necessary on purple martin houses but if they are used they should be 4 inches wide to allow birds to walk safely house plan purple martin house plans hole size martin halo in the morning thursday december 13th 2018 20 41 17 pm tо be exact these article shared by river smith & have 32 highest resolution digital imagery the size of martin birdhouse holes professionals offer varying opinions on the proper size hole to provide for martin birdhouses professionals at wild bird watching re mend a hole diameter between 1 3 4 inches and 2 1 4 inches while professionals at attractwildbirds re mend holes sized at exactly 2 1 4 inches birdhouses 101 purple martin birdhouses the minimum partment size in purple martin houses is 6 x 6 inches although research results tend to favor deeper partments measuring about 7 x 12 inches from front to back this size offers greater protection from predators and the elements while keeping the nestlings fortable generally round entrance holes in purple martin houses measure 2 1 8” in diameter however a range article info purple martin place purple martins are north americas largest swallow and are our passion we offer the best selection of purple martin housing supplies ts and more at the best price .

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