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Eidophasia assmanni sp. Male adult and genitalia are illustrated, whereas the female sex remains unknown. The species inhabits alpine scree philippine dating sites united states patchy herbaceous plants and is considered as possible endemic species of the Altai Mountains. An updated checklist of the 13 global Eidophasia Stephens, species is provided.

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The likely polyphyly of the genus is discussed from molecular data of the barcode region of the mt COI sex move site. The Lepidoptera fauna from the Altai region attracted attention from lepidopterists early on, e.

However, much of this material remains unpublished and hidden in several institutional and private collections. Whereas larger moths and butterflies are nowadays relatively well known i. In this paper a new species of Plutellidae from the Republic of Altai is orefield pa sex club. Plutellidae are a moderately diverse family of Yponomeutoidea with ca.

The Russian fauna includes 18 species from six genera, with only three species known from the Republic of Altai, two belonging to the genus Plutella Schrank, and one to Plutelloptera Baraniak, Sinev The new species is free dating site indonesia to Eidophasia Stephens,a genus with four representatives in the Russian Federation, two restricted to the Far East, one to the European part of the country, and only one, E.

The latter species is the only representative with a wide Palaearctic distribution pattern, ranging from Western Europe to East Asia Sohnincluding the Middle East Alipanah Material of voucher specimens was either pinned and spread or traditionally set. The labels hot chicks in bars the holotypes are quoted in their original spelling.

Genitalia preparations followed standard techniques Robinson DNA barcode sequences are based on a base-pair long segment of the mitochondrial COI gene cytochrome c oxidase 1. Obtained sequences range adult sex forum in ulagan and bp, with 88 specimens represented by a full DNA barcode. The naughty adult dating sites material includes 41 specimens of Eidophasiawhereas the remaining 59 sequences depict the type species of the outgroup genera PlutellaPlutellopteraPseudoplutella Baraniak,and Rhigognostis Staudinger, Furthermore, an unpublished specimen of E.

Degrees of intra- and interspecific variation of DNA barcode fragments were calculated under Kimura 2 strip club buenos aires model of nucleotide substitution using analytical tools of BOLD systems v.

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Similarities or differences soweto dating site BINs and morphological species identification were assessed. Photographs of the adults were taken with an Olympus SZX 10 binocular microscope and an Olympus E 3 digital camera and developed using the software Helicon Focus 4.

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For the correct date of description of P. The generic definition followed in this paper is largely based on Zagulyaevwith characters of wing venation, particularly the almost parallel and straight veins M1 and M2 in the hindwing, and the bases of R2 and Cu2 at same level or R2 much closer to base in forewing, the second segment of labial palps characterized by a tuft of long scales, the 3 rd segment equal or slightly longer than the 2 nd segment, and the antennae partially knobby, due to specialised scales. However, as discussed earlier by Baraniak and Sohnmembers of the genus are heterogeneous in morphology and no convincing synapomorphies have been face match dating site for Eidophasia to date.

The genus is mainly Holarctic with currently 13 known species. Three species are restricted to North America E. Robinson and Sattler listed 11 species, but meanwhile E. Eidophasia lvovskyiadult club sydney species already mentioned in the Catalogue of Russian Lepidoptera Sinevis still unpublished Sinev in litt. We divided the species of Eidophasia into two informal species groups, based on the differences in the sacculus of sex clubs london genitalia and the ductus bursae of female genitalia see Discussion.

Eidophasia Stephens, Hufnagelia Reutti, farm life dating site The messingiella species group.

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Eidophasia infuscata Staudinger, Eidophasia tauricella Staudinger, Eidophasia albifasciata Issiki, Eidophasia dammersi Busck, Plutella. Eidophasia albidorsella Walsingham, Plutella. Eidophasia vanella Walsingham, Plutella. Eidophasa assmanni sp. The syenitella species group.


Eidophasia zukowskyi Amsel, Eidophasia hufnagelii Zeller, Plutella. Eidophasia insulella Walsingham, Caunaca.

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Eidophasia peristigma Diakonoff, Scale bar: 0. Eidophasia vanella Walsingham,male genitalia, Canada, gen.

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Tamura et al. The width of the triangles represents the sample size, and the depth the genetic variation within the cluster. Ratnasingham and Hebert Eidophasia assmanni is unmistakable in habitus due to the inconspicuous wing markings, which are clear and prominent in E. The male genitalia are unique in Eidophasia by the oblong shape of the valva with straight dorsal and ventral sexy indian forums and particularly the very long and apically pointed sacculus with largely reduced list of free australian dating sites setae on distal end.

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Eidophasia assmanni so far is the only known species of the genus restricted to an alpine habitat. Forewing length from base to apex : 6.

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Head dark grey-brown, sparsely intermixed with white scales, particularly at vertex and lateral part of frons; labial palpus mixed grey-brown and white, particularly outer surface of 1 st and second segment predominantly white, second segment with short ventral tuft of scales; first and second segment about the same length, third segment much longer, upcurved; antenna dark grey-brown, with weak white-grey annulation. Thorax dark grey-brown, patagia with few white-grey scales, tegula with some white scales; fore and mid-legs dark grey-brown on upper surface, distal end of tarsal segments weakly ringed white-grey, ventral surface predominantly white-grey, hindlegs predominantly white-grey; forewing moulin rouge strip club grey-brown with weakly delineated white-grey markings: few scales at base, indistinct narrow transverse antemedian line, costal spot at two-thirds, irregularly delineated costal and tornal spots at about four-fifths, and extended white-grey mottling in distal third; fringe white-grey, with dark grey-brown basal line; hindwing light grey-brown, fringe white-grey with grey-brown basal line; underside of fore and hindwing, white-grey, without pattern.

Abdomen grey-white, lighter at ventral surface. Pre-genital segments Fig. Tergite VIII small, sub-rectangular, posterior-laterally with cowboy dating site semi-oval appendage, covering parts of genitalia capsule laterally; brush of long coremata in intersegmental membrane of segment VII and VIII, extending to about posterior margin of appendages.

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Male genitalia Fig. Tegumen semi-elliptical; tuba analis slightly longer than tegumen, slender, weakly sclerotized; teguminal process prominent, with straight outer edge and broadly rounded apex, greenwood sex clubs part setose; valva oblong, nearly three times length of basal width, dorsal and ventral edges straight, ibiza sex clubs widened towards semi-oval apex, membranous distomedial part from about middle of valva expanded to apex and densely covered with setae; sacculus nearly extended to apex of valva, sclerotized ventral margin straight, inner side with short setae, apically pointed with two to three minute spiniform setae; vinculum sub-triangular; saccus about three-quarters length of valva, massive, distal third weakly dilated, apex rounded; phallus about length of valva, straight, basally bulbous, vesica with small group of microtrichia apically uneverted vesica.

Intraspecific mean K2P Kimura 2 Parameter divergences, maximum pairwise distances, and distance to Nearest Neighbour in Eidophasia and generic type species of related genera. The strip clubs in honolulu plant and early stages are unknown.

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Though it seems possible that the species shows similar behaviour to other Eidophasia spp. The two adults were found between late July and strip club huntington August when they were netted during daytime in strong wind conditions.

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The type-locality is an alpine tundra dominated by rock and scree with patchy herbaceous vegetation Fig. Peter Assmann to his 55 th birthday and in recognition of his particular support of Natural History Collections already in his dating sites for 40 and present career.

However, these two allopatric species show only weak diagnostic characters in morphology and may be considered as subspecies.

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The divergence of E. The interspecific divergence of E. This extent is similar to the interspecific divergences within Eidophasiahinting the non-monophyly of the genus see Discussion for further evidence. As already discussed by Landry and Hebertthe generic limits in Plutella and its allied genera need further assessment. This is particularly relevant for the genus Eidophasia which in its current scope is most likely polyphyletic as indicated by its heterogeneous morphology Baraniak and Sohn and the molecular adult sex clubs crawfordsville indiana of the DNA barcode region Landry and Hebertthis study.

The barcoded species of the genus Eidophasia were divided into two clusters. One cluster the dating websites with rich men species group included the type species of the genus, E. The other cluster the syenitella species group included two species of EidophasiaE. The former cluster shows two major differences in genital features from the latter: the distal part of sacculus of the valva flapped in various degrees, and the ductus bursae entirely membranous except the antrum.

The wing patterns and the genital features of E. The syenitella species group may represent a separate genus from Eidophasia but their generic asment is pending in this study.

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The DNA barcode sequences of E. The messingiella species group exhibits considerable interspecific barcode divergence which should be further assessed in the future in an integrative taxonomic study on a worldwide scale.

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